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Melody Feniks, CPA, CGMA

Founder & Managing Director

Melody knew she wanted to be an accountant the day she discovered the magic of the bank rec in third grade. 

Melody believes public accounting is the heart of the accounting profession.  She believes knowledge shared is power, and seeks to empower her clients by sharing her knowledge and expertise as an integral part of client service. Accounting as a Healing Art is her way of making the practice of accounting analogous to the practice of family medicine.


Josh Watson

Staff Accountant

Josh joined Team Feniks in 2018, after being encouraged by a college tax accounting professor to continue pursuing Accounting as his major - which he earned in 2020. He's now hoping to obtain his CPA license to better serve clients.


Julia Hicker

Administrative Assistant / Office Manager

Julia joined Team Feniks in 2021, after learning of an opening from a family friend. She is a Jill-of-all-trades (or Julia-of-all-trades) and has a strong talent for building relationships and a keen sense of customer service.


Thomas VorderBruggen

Staff Accountant

Thomas joined Team Feniks in 2019 as an intern and was promoted to Staff Accountant when he earned his degree in accounting. He likes working with local businesses and enjoys the close community approach at the heart of Feniks & Company’s values. 


Kinsale Feniks

Chief Executive Funtime Coordinator (CEFC)

Kinsale joined Team Feniks in 2020 within a few months of his birth.  He began with a strong need to chew on things and bite in a playful way, but his puppy needle teeth often kept him working from home. 


Mac Watson

Personal Assistant to the CEFC

Mac joined Team Feniks in 2022 within a few months of his birth.  He has a passion for snacks and is willing to learn any trick you have in mind if you will just give him a treat. 

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