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Personal Assistant to the CEFC


Mac joined Team Feniks in 2022 within a few months of his birth.  He has a passion for snacks and is willing to learn any trick you have in mind if you will just give him a treat.  He sometimes goes nearly out of his head for a snack.  His favorite game is whatever Kinsale wants to play, which is usually chase-and-wrestle.  When he and Kinsale are coordinating play with staff, they will often carry a stick together, running side-by-side.  Whenever Kinsale gets too far ahead in a game, Mac will nip him in the butt.  A fringe benefit of working at Feniks & Company is Kinsale’s special focus on keeping Mac’s ears clean, spending a long time at it.


Mac is in charge of coaxing team members into walks or visits to the Feniks lunch and play park.  He isn’t as interested in squeakers as Kinsale, but he loves to go for sticks and run adventures.

Mac is an avid swimmer and has been giving lessons to Kinsale, who still tries to walk on water by repeatedly attempting to jump onto the surface until he’s compelled to doggie-paddle.  Mac is the best swimming stick retriever, and Kinsale receives the relay near shore.  Mac is also a big fan of wild raspberries and can be found sniffing out loaded bushes.  He often holds a branch bent low for Kinsale to clean.

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Arffarffarfffarfarfarf-arf-arf, hff.  Awr-awr-Wnfnf. Hff.  Pffft.”  [Translation: “Kinsale is the best guy to work for and his mom has lots of treats.  People should play more.  There’s plenty play to be played out there.  Pffft.”] 

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