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Staff Accountant


Thomas joined Feniks & Company in 2019 as an intern and was promoted to Staff Accountant when he earned his degree in accounting. Thomas enjoys being on the Feniks team because he likes working with local businesses and enjoys the close, community approach at the heart of Feniks & Company’s values.  His experiences prior to Team Feniks include donations clerk for the Catholic Diocese of Fairbanks, and prep cook on the Riverboat Discovery Chena River tour.

Thomas decided early in his life that he wanted to be an actuary. When he went to college, he discovered that accounting work was similar to actuarial work and decided to pursue a degree in accounting instead.  He earned his post-Baccalaureate in accounting in 2020 from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF), and is now working to obtain his CPA license.

Thomas was born and raised in Fairbanks, but feels a home-like affinity for Japan.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Japanese Studies and spends some of his spare time doing translation work. He served as an English tutor and a research assistant at Nagoya Gakuin University in Nagoya, Japan. While there, he received the school’s Outstanding Achievement Award and founded the Nagoya Gakuin University International Board Game Club. He travels to Japan to visit friends whenever he can.

Thomas’s hobbies and interests are impressive and diverse. He is very interested in tabletop roleplaying games and published a book for use on the subject.  He also founded the UAF Magic: The Gathering Club in the fall of 2019, serving as club President until graduation. The club continues to provide public events to this day.  He explores and experiments with various board games, and even has designed some of his own. His interest in Japanese studies leads him to continue his support of Labo, a family-based Japanese youth organization that helps facilitate foreign exchange procedures. He is also the Secretary for the Parish Council of Sacred Heart Cathedral, where he continues to volunteer.

Thomas also enjoys spending time in the kitchen, trying new things and exploring culinary possibilities.  He maintains a coffee liqueur recipe passed down to him from his late grandfather. As an Alaskan, he of course also enjoys wilderness activities including canoeing, hiking, and berry picking.

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I really enjoy working with local businesses. I enjoy the sense of community. In a small town like Fairbanks, a lot of people know each other and I think that helps a lot with the company culture we have at Feniks & Company because it’s a lot about community and it’s a more personal approach to the profession.”  

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