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Staff Accountant


Josh joined Feniks and Company in 2018, after he was encouraged by a college tax accounting professor to pursue accounting as his major. He earned his Bachelor’s in Accounting in 2020 from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF), and he’s working to obtain his CPA license.

Josh was born and raised in Fairbanks, and worked in a variety of roles on his way to accounting.  Local businesses which have enjoyed his presence on their teams include Stepping Stone Builders, Sourdough Transfer, and Yukon Title Company.  Josh intends to focus on tax work because it’s his favorite thing to do, especially as it involves helping local small businesses. He is a sensitive, caring person who takes the Feniks vision Accounting as a Healing Art to heart, applying his talents and skills with real concern for his clients’ well-being.

Josh adopted a rescue puppy, Mac, from Golden Retriever Rescue of Fairbanks, an organization focused on helping dogs find homes. Mac is now a year old, and is displaying the high charms natural to a blend of Golden and Labrador retriever. This has earned him a titled position at Feniks & Company, that of Personal Assistant to the CEFC. Josh was so impressed with the mission and demonstrated service of Golden Retriever Rescue, he agreed to serve on its board of directors and continues to help their mission. 


For his main hobby, Josh is an avid online gamer and sometimes participates in tournaments. He also supports the National Alliance on Mental Illness and has volunteered with its Fairbanks affiliate.

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Working with small businesses, you know there’s some additional levels as to what they can do and the services that they can provide; they don’t always recognize the knowledge that they possess.  It feels good to help them see that and grow in it.”

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