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Chief Executive Funtime Coordinator (CEFC)


Kinsale joined Team Feniks in 2020 within a few months of his birth.  He began with a strong need to chew on things and bite in a playful way, but his puppy needle teeth often kept him working from home.  His favorite game is chase, preferably with a huge stick or variably vocal squeaker.  A tennis ball will do if nothing else. 


Not long after Mac joined Team Feniks as Kinsale’s personal assistant, a combination lunch park and play yard was installed.  This enabled the Funtime crew to expand their creative horizons and vent much pent-up energy wrestling, chasing, rolling, and laughing.  A highpoint of the day is the arrival of the mail carrier who invariably has greetings of treats.

When Kinsale isn’t at work, he may be found exploring local trails and occasionally swimming at the Tanana River park.  He has a large collection of stuffed animal friends, most of whom squeak.  His favorite squeakers are those which change pitch with different degrees of bite.  His favorite sticks (trees) are those he wrests from the forest himself and present a challenge to carry due to weight or awkwardness (he likes them to be heavy or unwieldy, though he’ll take a stick chase any day regardless of stick quality).

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Arf-arf-arf, hff.  Awr. Woof. Huff.  Pffft."  [Translation: “Fun is for Feniks.  Chase more, work less.  I love my mom and my chair.  Pffft.”] 

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