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Feniks & Company, LLC, is a consultation-focused firm serving individuals, non-profit organizations, and small, closely-held businesses. Our philosophy is to practice accounting as a healing art. We believe that knowledge shared is power, while knowledge kept is meaningless.  


Our goal is to empower our clients in the management of financial and business demands that might otherwise be viewed as burdensome, tedious, or overwhelming. Our clients enjoy good financial health when they understand their tax and business needs according to evolving circumstances that influence choices. We provide all of the usual accounting services but with an emphasis on educating our clients so that they can speak knowingly and confidently about their plans. 


Our goal is to support our clients such that day-to-day operations are conducted with an eye to the future rather than the past. The view to the past consists of looking at accounting obligations in terms of strict tax compliance, while the sightline to the future consists of looking at tax and accounting obligations in terms of opportunity for self-knowledge and strategic planning. Looking to the past is always a game of catch-up for a narrow purpose, while the view to the future view is a strategy for growth and security. As we close prior years and prepare the related tax filings, we resolve the past and keep things moving to ensure future considerations are met in the present.

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