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Field Research Assistant to the CEFC


Rhubarb joined Team Feniks in 2020, effectively at birth. She shares an office with remote team member Mariah in Colorado, where Rhubarb conducts field research for Kinsale, Feniks & Company’s CEFC. Her size (she’s a chihuahua) gives her a special advantage for nearness to the sources of smells in the field, as well as lapdog skills to inspire cat envy. She is diligent about notifying Mariah daily when it’s time to turn off the computer and fill the food bowl.


Rhubarb likes to hike and keeps Mariah active and healthy while testing various squeakers for potential application in the sometimes-harsh environment of Fairbanks, Alaska.  Field-tested squeakers always receive thorough in-house testing by Mac and Kinsale.  Rhubarb prefers to receive her year-end bonus in the form of cheddar-flavored morsels from The Ziplock Bag.

Rhubarb has a strong love of afternoon sunshine warming her torso during an after-snack snooze.  She’s fascinated by the way the kitchen floor spontaneously materializes tasty things when folks are doing things at the countertops.  She’s convinced the sound of knife on cutting boards is somehow associated with the magic of the floor, and dashes to the kitchen when she hears it.

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Yip.  Yip-yipe. Rrrwrr. Yap! Yipyipyip-yap. Pffft.”  [Translation: “Field research is very serious. You wouldn’t believe the scents I find. Really! I love my job and Team Feniks.  Pffft.”] 

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