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Feniks Dog Yard

One of the best things about working at Feniks and Company is the Department of Fun, headed by Kinsale, the CEFC and his personal assistant, Mac. Together they ensure everyone in the office enjoys a disciplined respect for fun. Kinsale resides with Melody and keeps her up to date on the latest snack and squeaker developments. Mac resides with Josh and ensures he meets his annual snack CPE (continuing professional education) knowledge requirements.

Josh is passionate about dogs and is the Treasurer at Golden Retriever Rescue Fairbanks, a nonprofit that rescues dogs and places them in good homes. In December 2021, Josh adopted Mac from Golden Retriever Rescue when Mac was 8 weeks old. Mac has been Kinsale’s best friend and playmate ever since. He seems to have been born to the role of Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive Fun Coordinator.

To keep the office dogs busy, we built a fenced-off dog yard behind the office, complete with toys and a tunnel for them to run through (and a staff lunch table for them to climb on). Mac and Kinsale conduct much of their research and development out there, wrestling and running around. Their activities include but are not limited to playing with the gutter, eating dirt and various discovered funk, and experimenting with new ways to use old toys.

Like most dogs, one of their favorite times of day is when the postal carrier comes. Our mail carrier often visits the dogs behind the office before delivering the mail and gives them daily treats.

The dogs remind us to take breaks and have fun. They’re an integral part of our office.


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